Friday 28 March 2014

Filming a Western Movie in Bangkok's Soi Cowboy and encountering a rather large Thai ladyboy !

On my recent trip to Thailand I found myself with a few hours to spare and as a curious soul thought I would wander around Bangkok with my video camera looking for interesting things in my eye to film and to record for all time on my You Tube channel beautifulthailnd99. At this time February 2014 Khun Suthep - the rabble rousing Thai politician  and his PDRC yellow shirt movement had taken to organising protest rally sites at some of the major intersections of downtown central Bangkok.

One such protest stage which was host to any numbers of what to my trained ear where rubbish pop groups and croaking 2nd rate karaoke singers was at the Asok intersection normally host to any numbers of hot and sticky traffic jams. On approaching from the Sky Train station or the underground Sukhumvit station you could her the raucous din as soon as you had left the train and I stayed for a few minutes observing the crowd and speakers on the stage. 

At the comer I also spotted the now infamous Soi Cowboy an infamous street full of go go bars popular with thrill seeking males both expatriate and visitors from abroad. I strolled down the Soi until at the far end I came across a bustling scene where there was a lot of commotion going on.

It would appear they were filming a major western motion picture and had a camera crew, actors and crew milling around. This was too god a chance to miss so I seat at and adjacent bar ordered a cold Singha beer and watched the lights,camera and action unfold. They had turned a real life bar location into one called 'Bar Bang Bang' for the movie and a number of scantily clad beautiful young Thai ladies came and went including what I think was most probably a Thai lady boy given her striking angular beauty and tallness.

Also amongst the cast extras was a most striking and beautiful young Thai lady who sat immediately near to me and was part of the extras playing a sophisticated streetwalker who was at the edge of the action. Not wishing to miss a moment of this event I took the opportunity to film her several times and on returning to my home in Rangsit knocked up a quick music video homage to the lady. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Enjoy !

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