Friday 28 March 2014

Is this a real GHOST sighting inside a Buddha Cave near Phattalung City - Southern Thailand ?

This is not actually a Buddhist temple - which are called  'Wat' in Thai  (it lacks the minimum number of monks to be regarded as such). That said Thais simply call it ถ้ำพุทธโคดม Tham Phutthakhodom (Buddha Gautama Cave) .  It is an amazing, tranquil and most delightfully beautiful  cave and can be found just off the main Trang to Phattalung road. Phutthakhodom Cave is next to Samnaksong Tham Phutthakhodom and is located in Phatthalung Province, Southern Thailand

This big and delightful Buddha cave features stunning and large stalagmites and stalactites, in addition to a huge natural rock formation hall which was thronging with bats and wildlife when I visited and it's a natural and most stunning natural rock cathedrals of beauty. The Buddha cave has two levels with the first being  on the ground level whereas the second is much deeper underground. This cave houses many Buddha images in several different positions and is well lit wit electric light and most safe to visit..

Aside from its natural peaceful demeanour and its reputation as a place of solitudinous retreat , the Buddha cave is also significant as a famous spot for meditation practice , particularly with Southern Thailand and Malaysian Buddhists.

The Buddha cave resident monks are renowned for eschewing commercial activities and the trappings of some of the more commercialized Thai temples (such as fortune tellers and amulet making and selling ) and it is presently the place to find three monks and a location for teaching  pure Dhamma ('The Truth' - the teachings from the Buddha) to those that visit.

Although walking alone within the cave which I accessed from behind the hill housing the temple from a seldom visited but comfortable home stay resort I was profoundly struck by the calming tranquillity and peace the cave offers and that I wanted to carry and share this more widely by videoing the cave area and surroundings for a short film that I had been planning to create around the temple, cave and grounds. This went on for maybe 20 minutes and though I was mildly creeped out by the quietness and eerie nature of the place I returned to my companions upbeat and refreshed by the experience. 


But on carefully analyzing the footage after we  had left the area and we were returning on the plane from Trang to Bangkok I spotted a most  unusual artefact on the video at approximately the 1.5 minute  mark for a couple of seconds which seems to be a shadowy monk like figure fleetingly walking over the cave entrance .

Is this truly the picture of a real ghost actually caught live on camera  or just an artefact of the light ? I really don't know - but it should be noted that  I didn't hear the sounds of another body within the cave and also, since it features a sandy gravelly natural cave which crunches noisily underfoot and echoes off the hard rock cave walls I'm sure I would have heard the 'thing' had it been real and of physical substance.

I posted this on the most popular expatriate Thai hangout Thai Visa Forum to seek out views and make more public the  video I had unwittingly taken.

Maybe a job for the redoubtable Ghostbusters ... who ya gonna call ?

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