Monday 24 March 2014

Mud and his Shopping Mall Hotel California - Thailand's Most Popular Farang Song

They always say when you start a blog it should be little and often and so as I've now uploaded over 1400 videos over on my beautifulthailand99 You Tubechannel there is a lot I want to talk about.

One song that you hear continuously all over Thailand is the old US favorite by the Eagles - Hotel California. It is a rite of passage for any Thai band or singer to have it in their repertoire and I find myself hearing it everywhere - over and over again - even once as an instrumental muzak in a lift and as taped background music in a shopping mall.
So it was with interest whilst strolling round Sukhumvit Road one day near the Landmark Hotel that I wanted to use a toilet and knew that the nearby shopping mall would afford me shelter from the relentless Bangkok air and heat and also a toilet stop.

In the mall there was a sole Thai guitarist playing in one corner and his sound and demeanor was very pleasant, playing Spanish flamenco style. On leaving the toilet I was delighted to hear the Rod Stewart favorite I Don't Wanna Talk About It (another overused Thailand perennial favorite!) so I along with a few other folk stayed to listen.

It seemed to good a chance to miss - when he had finished the song I went to thank and chat with him and he asked me if I had any requests. Well of course for the first time instead of having the song imposed on me I selected it - though he did warn me it was  a long one.

Anyway he's a brilliant chap , and his name is Mud and I promised him I would put the video on You Tube sand so here it is....

So over to Mud and his Spanish Classical Guitar and Hotel California.

Thanks Mud - you made my Amazing Thailand day !

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