Sunday 23 March 2014

Some thoughts of my time in Rangsit , Thailand and some videos to illustrate the points

On my last visit to Thailand I was there for just over two months staying in places as diverse as Phattalung, Hua Hin, the beautiful tropical island of Ko Chang and the inevitable Bangkok - namely Rangsit a mostly Thai place in the northern suburbs currently untouched by underground or sky train,. I used my tine to get to know my Thai family better and to explore the neighbourhood.

Some of my first thoughts are that Thailand starts to get very hot from the beginning of March , that there are dogs everywhere - some good and some wild and feral and they inhabit some of the desolate and deserted places my curiously wanted to visit.I was attacked by some vicious looking wild dogs and I mean wild as I ventured into some waste ground down the end of a quiet soi and ran almost screaming back to 'civilization' - much to the amusement of locals watching the mad farang wander where he should not.

Also fly tipping or just dumping waste by the side of the road is common and widespread and that Rangsit sadly had suffered from the devastating floods of 2011. Whilst most of the houses and buildings have been repaired and repainted - you see a number of abandoned and unsellable houses and a dirt tide line on streets especially on lamp posts and the like.

Here's a few of the videos that I took that show some of these things. And finally a video I really love of my young 5 year old niece giving my wife a foot massage in the bedroom. She has suffered with a problem with her back and really appreciated the efforts that she made. 

Howling feral dogs and the mum of the puppies defends her territory on waste ground in Rangsit.

Broken spirit houses and other Thai religious artefacts abandoned on waste ground in Rangsit, 
Bangkok - along with other flytipping. 

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