Monday 24 March 2014

Secret Hat Yai Jungle Lair of a Thai Hermit

Often it is the out of the way , unusual places and people that go to make up for a fascinating visit to Thailand. And certainly in terms of my family a visit to the secret jungle hideaway somewhere near Hat Yai of my sister-in-laws common law husband comes over as one of the most interesting.

My wife's sister has a boyfriend of many years standing (or they maybe married - this is Thailand and sometimes it is hard to define the 'truth') who bought a plot of land very cheaply many years ago somewhere in the jungle outside of Hat Yai - Southern Thailand, He then proceeded to build himself a simple A-frame house out of tin and bamboo and natural materials he had to hand and drilled a well for water and had electricity provided to the property on bamboo overhead poles.

There he lives mostly alone except for the company of his chickens and is quite happy in his very low cost but functional and to this farang's eyes - very nice home. Unlike the UK from where I am writing this is almost impossible owing to planning regulations and government regulations that must be considered when building a house.

Of course to Thai eyes this is probably regarded as only one step up from living in a shanty town slum - but the air in the jungle is cool and clean and the lack of traffic noise or neighbours makes for a lonely but elegant solitude.

Plus he is relatively safe - few know he is there and his lack of possessions or any noticeable wealth would deter any wrongdoers from trying to burgle his isolated home. So welcome to the world of Thailand Low Designs - or how an aging hippy found his peace with the world by living in mostly solitude away from the noise,pollution and hectic pace that is much of modern day urban Thai society.

Playlist for the Thai Hermit's Jungle Hideaway Home


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