Sunday 23 March 2014

Sawatdee Khrap - a big welcome in Thai from beautifulthailand99


Welcome to my first blog post from the creator of the You Tube channel beautifulthailand99 which is dedicated to showcasing some of the most beautiful and interesting things I come across in my travels.

Just a little bit about me first I am in my 50s very happily married to my Thai wife for well over 10 years now and travel regularly to Thailand for business and leisure. I previously spent a year working there back in 2003 and can just about speak enough to get by. I traveled all over the place and have yet to find my favorite place - but the search continues unabated.

My Youtube channel now has over 800,000 views and profiles all aspects of Thai life, including street scenes, temples, tourism, politics, wonderful scenery, unusual sights and where possible some of the beautiful girl and ladies that are part of this wonderful country.

Please subscribe to this blog, follow me and come and have a look at our dedicated Google Plus community Thai Girl Videos where I publish new content daily.

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BeautifulThailand99 You Tube Channel 

Finally I'll be featuring a lot of videos on my blog and I'm very happy to have as the first my homage to Thailand that I made following my visit in 2012. About 10 hours of video distilled down to about 3 minutes - quite a feat !

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